Batman Jacket

How hollywood movies brought new trends into leather jacket styles this season

Fresh ideas in the fashion world of leather garments are represented by leather jackets and other pieces of clothing, which are called to give lots of opportunities to wear them both in everyday life and going out. The main tendencies, the designers offer this season, are related to the simplicity, comfort and beauty. So, these “three whales” are the main features, which must be considered, when choosing the own style.

It is not a secret that Hollywood movies brought new trends into leather jacket styles this season. We are offered flight and bomber jackets which became the fashion statements thanks to popular actors and actresses. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mathew McConaughey, Brad Pitt and many other well known celebrities adopted their styles and made millions of fans follow them in wearing their leather jackets. Some leather jackets attract the grunge or casual style.

Let us take the smallville jacket. If you are not a superhero yet, this jacket is a good chance for you to become him. Each man will look like a seducer and superman, being dressed in this hugging model. Red colour, slim silhouette, hip length and the symbol S on the chest, which means the first letter of a “Superman” word help the men feel themselves the most voguish and extravagant. At the same time this type of jackets is adorable thanks to its classic shape so that an elegant look is provided for anyone. Padded jackets have always been in mode, so its timeless design is up to you.

When looking through the heritage of trendy leather jackets, we may see some elements, which make them enough popular thanks to different emblems and logo. But especially stunning are the jackets, imitating the second skin of the wearer. For instance, padded batman jacket is a classy article of clothing, which creates the overkilling look of a real hero. Unusual shoulders design and fashionable sleeves with hip cuffs and a stand-up collar may be worn both within sporty style, while biking and when wearing it, attending different parties. Such batman jacket is truly fascinating and glamour.

This season we may watch flight jackets, which are also enough trendy. They are represented in different colours, but black is a traditional one. Flight jacket was worn by Arnold in the movie “Terminator”. Today such type of jackets is deemed the must-have. Lots of fashion collections demonstrate this voguish article of clothing with different details, such as buttons, studs, zippers and belts. It is an appropriative jacket for daywear, riding a bike, filming, performing on the stage or visiting any party.

The fabric of the jackets is different – patent or sude leather rough and soft material. They are adorable both by average populace and many very important people.

How to wear mentioned movie leather jackets in everyday life or at special occasions? They may be teamed with skinny leather pants or a pair of cool jeans. Strict woolen trousers or velvet pants also fit these jackets. Everything depends on the occasion. Almost all the mentioned celebrity jackets are slim-fit and allow putting tees underneath or woolen jerseys. Men leather jackets are called to underline the figure of handsome and well proportioned males. Some bomber jackets from the movies are still popular so that this season designers have decided to broaden the range of types of jackets, and recommended them again.