Bane Coats

The Leather coats of hollywood which sets trends this season- The top 5

Some actors and actresses propagate fashionable things, wearing them both in the movies and in their everyday life. Fans and the followers successfully demonstrate their love to the mentioned clothing. There are, at least 3-4 reasons to choose such coats and they are the necessity to be protected from cold, to stay voguish and look like a pinup, to stand out in a crowd and to have an individual look. So, let us look through the wardrobe of some Hollywood stars, wearing leather coats, which set trends this season.

The top 5:

The Dark Knight Rises movie impressed us not only by its plot, but the viewers found a new article of clothing, which has become extremely popular this season. We talk about the bane coats. Who doesn’t dream of them? It is the latest trend of the catwalks and those ones, who like comfortable and super warm things, can easily copy this coat, moreover the top fashion designers demonstrate alike models in different colours and in the mix of various accessories, such as scarves, hats and gloves. Both women and men like shearling coats and jackets, because they may feel themselves protected in frosty winter days. So, the bane coats are called to make the look mega voguish and extra warm at the same time.

Winter outfits is demonstrated by Blake Lively like billy-oh. The American actress and model dictates her own style how to wear warm things in cold frosty days. Blake adores grey coats and combines them in pair with knitted dresses or wool pants. Lots of snapshots of this celebrity open lots of updated leather coats and we are advised to wear them in pair with high-knee boots. Blake Lively prefers Burberry leather things and makes her colleagues and fans love them either.

If you still don’t have a warm leather coat in your wardrobe, than it is high time to get it this season. Just remember Rihanna’s shearling coat by Prada. Its oversized silhouette underlines latest tendencies of the catwalk of this season. The bright shades, such as yellow fur collar and red fur inside the jacket, over the pockets and along the sleeves create a look of an extravagant person, who can easily demonstrate her smart. So is Rihanna. Prada collection is also represented by a bit longer shearling coat of the same design. So, this is a cool trend to be worn at the parties or as a casual thing. It will always keep up spirits of the wearer.

Another super trendy thing is the leather coat, we used to watch in the movie “Jumper”. The design of the coat is popular this season and such things are enough wearable by successful and self-made men. The look becomes gorgeous thanks to such coats. The patent leather material and classic black colour give lots of opportunities to wear this coat in team with strict suits, denims garments and so on. The look is always elegant and enchanting, so that the men, copying it at Hayden Christensen, the main hero of the film, are risky to get a sexy, voguish and eye-catching look. Why not?

The fifth position is taken by the skyfall long leather coat, which was worn by Ralph Fiennes, playing the role of Gareth Mallory. Classic black leather coat is especially trendy this season. It suits the blond actor, who creates some elegant chic thanks to the black garments. The coat is buttoned and it says about no sporty elements within the look.

So, we see that many designs still power, even though the models look like retro things and have some updated elements.