Red Leather Jacket

Whats the latest in leather jacket trends this season: top 5 trends

Leather jacket is not just a wear .It has been an icon –to show; to develop the present ability in you. Leather jacket has been in the fashion world since a long time but the look has been changing. Every year new and new jackets and design have been trending .In previous years there were mostly plain leather jacket but this year there are new leather jackets with different designs and different trends. Leather jackets in classical days had been just for some casual stuffs or biker people but these days there are these jackets for being presentable and even sometimes they can be work as a formal wear in office or in any party. Here are list of five leather jackets that have been trending this season in the fashion world :

 • Lambskin Leather jacket :

This s jacket is one of the most popular trending leather jackets this season. Being made from the lambskin this jacket makes a new impression on the market. The jacket is completely plain and black with neckline designed with button .The jacket has chain on the front as closure and is characterized with pockets on either side as well. The most trending color of the jacket in this season is black .But even red leather jacket is seen to be trending in this brand.

 • ASOS biker leather jacket “

This jacket is another leather jacket which is mostly used by the biker. The jacket t is trending in mostly brown and black the jacket has extended color with no zipper on the front face that acts as a closure. The jacket has the button on the neck liner which makes it easier to wear and hide the chain line. It is even easy to wear as a casual wear.

 • Leather solid bomber jacket :

This is another popular and new jacket that has been in the market this season. The jacket doesn’t have much extra design on it. The jacket has small and faint line like mark on the shoulder reason and has zipper on the frontal face which acts as a closure. The jacket is exactly up to the waist .The jacket has two open pocket .The most trending color of jacket for the jacket is black.

 • HUGO leather jacket :

If you are thinking of getting some perforated jacket perhaps this “Alvin” jacket is what you might need this season. The jacket has plain color with two pockets in total which can be closed by zipper .The pocket is horizontal .The jacket has frontal zipper as a closure.

 • Harrington leather jacket :

This leather jacket is mostly trending this season because of its unique collar and the jacket combination .This jacket has plain color with no any design or imprint on the face of the jacket but the jacket has been uniquely designed at the collar region. There is different color even in the waist line. Perhaps there are densely made lines like stripes on the waist region .Apart from that the jacket has smooth collar. Generally there trending color in this jacket is black with grey colored collar.

These are the top five trending jacket this season in the market. They are trending not just because they have some good qualities in the market. Just being black, brown, grey or red leather jacket will not make any jacket popular. Perhaps they are popular because they have the need that the general people think a dress needs to make an individual presentable and cool in whatever look they are.