Ladies Leather Jackets

Most popular designs of ladies leather jackets this season: the top 5

Ladies are always known for having a quirky and unusual preference when it comes to choosing clothes. Certainly, it is not any different when it is time for them to choose a leather jacket. In fact, every single lady has her own preferences, and this situation has forced designers to come up with original and fresh ideas every season in order to respond to multiple needs and preferences of female customers from different parts of the globe.

The options for ladies leather jackets this season are quite unusual, but still, very fashionable and elegant. The truth is, many of these styles are remakes of popular styles that have existed for years, but needed some reinventing in order to come back this season. Here are the top five most popular styles.

 • The Biker Jacket

Decades ago, one would not have expected to find a biker jacket among the options for ladies leather jackets. However, times have changed for the good of women, and today, biker jackets are among the many options of jackets that they can purchase. Popular in leather color black, biker jackets give ladies who wear them a touch of toughness and ferocity. Biker jackets are a good fit for those women who seek both, elegance and the call of adventure while wearing the same outfit. After all, the biker jacket is very versatile. It adapts well to wild rides on a motorcycle, but it also keeps its bearers comfortable during a night at the club or at any social joint.

 • The Aviator Jacket

Vintage fashion is a very big thing today. It feels as if people are dressing up in the same way we see our grandparents were dressing in those pictures we see from half a century ago. However, when we look closely, these pieces of fashion have evolved through the years and have been improved in order to adapt to the demands of the new marker. Such is the case of the aviator jacket, a kind of ladies leather jackets that has many classical cuts, belts, and linings that carry a vintage look, but a very modern way of keeping women warm and comfortable.

 • The Blazer

It might look simple at first sight, but a blazer jacket is quite unusual when you see it. After all, blazers were not always made out of leather. The leather blazers lack multitude of details and adorns as other leather jackets do. However, the blazer has a very elegant way to overlap the closing front laps and create a nice way to cover it up. Its neck is triangular, and with no surprise, this element of fashion has become one of the most famous ones this season.

 • The Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets this season are staying closer to the skin of their female bearers. This characteristic makes it very comfortable and stylish for them to wear. They come with a very unusual asymmetrical zipper in front, and a bucked collar around the neckline that makes you look both, radical and elegant whenever you wear it. It is popular in white and brown, but it can also be found in other colors of leather.

 • The Studded Jacket

Perhaps many of the above mentioned jackets do not have many adorns or any kind of excessive details. However, there are studded jackets for women that promise to make them shine this season. The studs are nicely crafted along the upper part of the arm, and certainly spark a good look on whoever wears them.