Girls Leather Jacket

Funky, trendy and colorful- The changing trends of girls leather jackets

Girls no longer need to rely on men’s fashion to find inspiration from their leather jackets and adapt them to their own outfits. Nowadays, women have access to their own options of leather jackets and as always, with any fashion garment designed for women, the options available for female customers are wider than the ones available for men. Just walk into any leather store or online shop and compare the number of leather jackets available for men, and the number available for women, and you will see that the leather jackets for girls outnumber the leather jackets for men. The most interesting thing is that designers are able to reinvent multitude of styles and create countless ones in order to respond to the needs of many different women all around. The trends change, and the numbers just keep increasing.

When we think about it, a girls leather jacket might be the most fashionable and popular piece of leather of the most windy and cold seasons of the year. They come in different colors, different sizes, different shapes, and different styles, and they are always in high demand. This season, the girls leather jacket is hitting stores again, and there are some trend elements that you might want to keep in mind in order to choose something that makes a fashion statement as soon as you hit the streets during this season.

First of all, we have vintage. In fact, it is very likely that by the middle of the season the most popular girls leather jacket will be the aviator jacket, since everyone out there seems to be going crazy about vintage pieces of fashion. The aviator jacket carries within itself a timeless breath of fashion, with classical cuts around the neckline, buttoned front, and sometimes, even belts that recall the 1950s. The most popular aviator leather jackets for women are the ones with sheepskin lining. This kind of lining not only promises to keep the girls warm, but it also ensures that their image is trendy and attractive down in the streets. The white of the sheepskin contrasts the black and brown dark shades of leather used to make the overall jacket. However, if you are not a big fan of sheepskin, you can also consider getting other kinds of fur, in colors such as brown and black that also matches well with the whole jacket. After all, if you do not like the idea of sheepskin or fur lining, you still have the option of using polyester, a very likable and popular lining.

On the other hand, we have the bomber leather jackets. These jackets highlight the shape of a girl who wears them and most importantly, protects them from the cold. The leather of this kind of jacket stays very close to the skin of the bearer, making it very comfortable to wear. The most popular and trendy bomber jackets of the season lack excess of details in their front, but they come with a tilted zipper in front, and a pinned buttoned neckline that is almost like a belt. Surprisingly, the most popular colors for this kind of jacket are not black, but instead the jacket is popular in its brown and also white versions.

There are many kinds of jackets for girls to choose from, but the ones that have undergone significant changes and become trendy this season, are the aviator jacket and the bomber jacket as well.