Custom Leather Jackets

What designers has to offer for customized leather jackets this winter

As the low temperatures keep dropping down, you might want to go out and get a good leather jacket to protect you from the cold weather. Then, it is likely that you will find a jacket that you like and you will immediately buy it as you do not want to endure the bad weather without a jacket anymore. However, there is a chance that you will see some features that you like from one jacket and other features from another one, and you will find yourself at a crossroad without knowing what jacket to choose. Perhaps you could buy the two of them, or all of the jackets you like, but what if you do not have enough money to purchase all of them? It is then when you need to improvise and find a way around this situation.

The good thing these days is that now you can create your own custom leather jackets, you just got to be creative and come up with your own idea and order one that you like. Keep your eyes open and see what the designers have to offer, and then take note on the features that you enjoy the most and design your own jacket with those features.

To order one of these custom leather jackets, you have to see what designers have to offer. This winter, designers are focusing more on zippered pockets, rather than the typical buttoned ones. You can find metallic zippers all around the jacket, but the most popular areas for them are on the lower sides, and along the chest. For those who like to be more adventurous and stand among the crowd, they also have the option to add zippered pockets on the arms, along the sleeves of the jacket. As you customize your jacket, you can decide what pair of zippers you would like to use, or you can order all of them if you want. You can position them in a very normal and horizontal way, or you can go a little more creative and position them in asymmetrical ways. The possibilities to use zippers are endless.

Besides zipper options, you also have colors. This season, designers have a wide range of colors to choose from, whenever you decide to make custom leather jackets. As always, the most popular leather color for jackets is black. Black is radical and calls for the look of a bad boy or bad girl, especially if you like to ride a motorcycle. However, black is not the only color available. Very close in popularity comes the color brown, one that many people are wearing now. Brown is more subtle, but still fashionable and attractive to the eyes. Brown carries a more casual look, and you can wear it pretty much anywhere. It is very versatile and easy to match with any fall or winter outfit. However, if you want to try something wilder, you might want to try choosing red when it comes to customizing your jacket. Red is loud and stands out more easily than other colors. You would think men do not wear red, but if you remember Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club, he will remind you that men are able to rock a good red leather jacket. It is wild and loud, but it is certainly fashionable. Other colors to choose are white, blue and even yellow. It’s your jacket, your pick.