Cropped Leather Jacket

How to make a style statement with leather jackets this season: the new trends

Sleek, feminine and chic leather jackets should be in the wardrobe of any woman. It is just like having a little black dress. Some of them can be worn for added warmth, while others are chosen simply to make a fashion statement. Do not hesitate to choose one of the latest styles, such as a cropped leather jacket, to show off your individual taste and fashion during cold months. When looking for a perfect one, keep in mind the latest trends and their details to make your final choice accordingly. You can be sure that there are many trendy leather jackets to choose from.

 • High collared jackets are contemporary and very popular this winter season. They are quite practical and sharp, while offering the necessary warmth and comfort to wearers. Pay attention to their additional neck coverage offered by a special scarf. There are different colors to choose from, but do not be afraid to look original. For example, you can decide on a red leather jacket, rose-gold tones, studs and other interesting details that will make you look slimming and stylish. Remember that these clothes do not have any exterior pockets on their waistline, and this is what helps them create a slimming look. They also have washable snap-in shields for underarms.

 • Cropped leather jackets will always remain a must have for any winter wardrobe. Their length usually ends above your waistline, but it is possible to hem it anywhere up to its rib cage. One of the main differences of a cropped leather jacketis that it has a bit loose and boxy fit. Some models may not allow wearers to zip or button it closed. There are many additional details and accessories that can be added to this clothing and make them look original.

 • Zipped and stand-collar leather jackets also offer a body-slimming look. They come in quite gentle and elegant colors, such as rose and green. They are made for women, but you can find a wide range of masculine styles. Their front zippers are angled, and this is what creates a slimming and interesting effect. Your hips and waist will benefit from it. Why not to wear one of available scuba-style shapes.

 • Leather coats and dusters can be found in the wardrobes of many fashion fans. They are quite suitable for city suburbs, storms and other weather conditions. You can choose them for your everyday outwear or to protect yourself from cold. When looking for something special, focus on neutral shades and interesting stitching. The latter feature ensures that you will look great because of an elongated effect. There are different leathers types used to produce high quality leather coats and dusters. Some people prefer lambkin, while others choose more expensive options, such as crocodile leather.

 • Many youngsters are going to wear a swing leather jacket this winter. It is all about a certain mix between a cape and a standard jacket. The main difference is in its additional volume and a bit cropped length. It makes sense to compare this winter clothing with a pair of classic or skinny jeans. Many women prefer this style because of its waist-shaping design that helps them highlight their feminine curves.

 • Animal prints are also in high demand, and that’s why it is easy to find the leather jackets that incorporate them. There are many new trends and patterns that won’t leave you indifferent. You can choose the ones that come as 2-buttoned jackets or something with a notch collar.