Leather Hats

How to choose a leather hat the most essential attributes

The hat is a traditional wear for both men and women around the world. Hat fashions are versatile due to different materials, traditional features, styles, color and design options. Leather made hats are widely popular around the world for their smart look, useful features and nice designs. Here are a few useful guidelines to find out the perfect a leather hat that will worth your hard-earned money.To choose a leather hat the most essential attributes are stated below.

 • Size of Leather Hat

Human heads vary in sizes and shapes. Although a high quality leather hats bear the adaptable feature and conforms to different shapes using the wiring system, it is necessary to ensure that the size of hat matches to the size and shape of the head properly. To determine the size of your desired hat, you need to measure the total circumference of your head. While taking the measurement of hat put the tape level firm, athwart the temples & over the eyebrow-ridge areas. Most of thehats are offered for several sizes that ranges from 6 to 8. For hats with S-M-L increments, at first determine the size of your hat size, then check whether the increment covers that size. For a lighter weight canvas hat built for hot weather, you may choose a hat with little larger size than normal.

 • Fittings of Sweatband

While buying a hat it should be ensured that the sweatband placed inside that hat fits securely on your head without any binding. However, for some hats with in-between sizes as well as head shapes, added comfort can be assured by placingthe felt padswithin the sweatband.

 • The Crown

The top level of the hat-crown should be high enough that it does not touch the top portion of the wearers head and prevent the hat from going down far enough. If it happen with your leather hat, then you should buy a hat with smaller size.

 • Durability

Durability Durability is one of the great features of a high-quality style leather hat. Premium products are preferable rather than those hats found through bargaining price. Quality leather hats endure for decades, if cared properly.

 • Design and cut

Design and cut is a strong indicator to choose a good quality leather hat. A well designed garment will be apparently well-fitting, nice and figure-flattering. You are recommended to check, whether the hat fits well in the sleeve-areas, while freely moving your both arms around.

 • Materials

Leather can be prepared from different materials, including, natural, synthetic, mixture of these two-types, etc. The material used in a leather hat decides its cost.

A leather hat can be made of diverse natural leathers, such as, sheepskin, Cowhide, antelope, lambskin, buckskin, etc. These leathers are processed mainly in Italy, United States, India, Canada, Pakistan, Mexico, etc.

Suede leather is softer and thinner leather that provides more comfort. However, suede leather made hats are less durable than the leather prepared in commonly used chrome tanning method.

Synthetic leather generates from plastic material, which is also termed as "faux leather", "leatherette", etc. This type hat looks like leather. Synthetic leather made hats are cheaper than the genuine leather made hats. Besides this, a synthetic leather hat bears second layer bonding on the seam, made of foam or any other material. Synthetic leather made hats are smoother, more stretching capability, lighter weight of products, etc.