Long Leather Dress

Whats new this season in leather dresses- colour, patterns and texture

There are three things to keep in mind this season if you’re picking out a leather dress. The first is color. Brighter and warmer colors tend to be the colors of this season. Whereas last season was all about brown and black Leather, this season is all about different varieties of color. The second thing to keep in mind is texture. More so then plain leather, suede is the texture of choice when it comes to leather this season. Finally we come to pattern. For the winter months, the reigning king of patterns is still the pleated dress, but as we move into spring texture won’t be so much important as length will. This season is all about long leather dresses. Long leather dresses are the more elegant choice of leather dress. If you follow all three key points of this article, you’ll have no problem pick out the absolute perfect leather dress of choice for you this winter and spring.

The first thing to keep in mind is color. Last season was all about dark and basic leather colors like brown, black, and grey. This season, on the contrary, is all about color. Whether the dress you choose be orange, blue, purple, green, red or white, the great thing about this winter and spring collection is the variety of options in terms of getting what you want out of your leather dress. If you’re looking for a dress that embodies your passion go for the red leather dress. If you’re looking for a color that more so emphasizes how cool and collected you are, go for the blue leather dress. If you want a dress that speaks of your elegance and fashion sense chose the white leather dress. The emphasis here is on choice. This season is great for those of us who always have to have it our way.

More important than that to keep in mind this season is texture. The texture of choice happens to be suede over regular leather. Suede is just a material that plain and simple, goes better with a wide variety of colors then plain leather does. Plain leather in different colors has a more pained feel about it than other colors if only for the fact that those colors are unnatural for leather. Suede of the other hand, with its fabric like feel and look is much more accentuated by these diverse colors then plain leather will ever be. In a fashion season where colored leather is the leather of choice suede just happens to be the texture of choice as well.

Texture is the final key to keep in mind this winter and spring. More so then any particular pattern, the patterns that’s the most in and hip right now is the long leather dress.

Long leather dress is great for the simple fact that the pattern of the skirt can have a lot more depth to it then on a shorter skirt. If you’re looking for a style of leather dress that has a ton of flair and fashion sense to it then the long leather dress is the dress of choice for you this season. Overall, this dress pattern is one of elegance grace and style. In such a dress, you’ll be the elegant talk of the town wherever you are and wherever you chose to go.