Mens Leather Blazer

Leather outwear for men- What’s the new styles and trends popular this season

Leather outwear is not a fashion, it’s a statement. Regardless of the cut and colour of the outwear it is on fashion every year. Leather outfits are extremely durable, smooth and stylish, which is why it is so popular. Leather jackets are found in a variety of patterns, colours and sizes this season. The major trends are discussed below.

Bomber jacket is the most common form of leather jacket available. This jacket is more suitable for guys with age more than 30 years. Hollywood actor Marlon Brando was the one to popularize this jacket in 1953 through his movie ‘The Wild One’. This style of jacket has broad pockets on the front. These jackets make men look more muscular and are casual enough to be worn on any occasion. Bomber jackets with buckled collar, polka dots, floral prints and stripes give a modern look to this classy jacket.

Moto jacket or biker jacket is also a very popular style of leather jacket this season. Though meant originally for the bikers, this style is now preferred by people of all walks of life. Biker jackets with logo and patch work are trendy this season. These jackets are often found with hoods and in metallic tones. Metallic colours on this jacket are very eye catching. Spiked shoulder adds an edge to this classic jacket. Though it is found in various dark hues, black biker jacket is still the most demanding piece.

Flight jackets, especially designed for the armed forces, are in fashion this season. This classy style of jacket is found both with and without collar. They have prominent cuffs and pockets. These are often found in the form of vests. Aviator jackets are also very trendy this season. These jackets look good with jeans, a formal shirt and military boots. Aviator jackets with fur collar and lining and hood are on trend this season. Brown is the most fashionable colour for this jacket this season. Metal leather jackets with studs and heavy patchwork are a modern trend. Spiked metal jackets in black colour are classic. Fur collared jackets are popular this season. It looks good with any casual outfit. These jackets have a masculine tone for which it is also preferred by the bikers. Green military leather jackets, another trend this year, has oversized buttons and big zippers. Some of these jackets are adorned with studs. These even have hoods with fur lining.

Mens leather blazer has always been on fashion and this year is no difference. This jacket was made popular by the pop groups N Sync and 98 Degrees and also by Hollywood megastar like George Clooney and Tom Cruise. Solid coloured mens leather blazer with buttons and cuffs are trendy. Jackets with wide ribbed collar and floral prints are also new edition in this season’s collection. Metallic tones are also prominent this season. Banded collared jackets with metallic studs are also very stylish this season.

Leather jackets can be worn in any style, yet look very fashionable and classy. Leather jacket is a never ending trend. Other than the traditional black jacket, leather jackets are now available in many bright colours to give you a youthful look. Leather jacket is a perfect choice for a smart and comfy look this season.