Long Leather Coat

Leather coat and their new trends: Color, texture and design

When the cold winds of the fall season and the intense storms of winter arrive, it is a perfect time to go outside and make good use of all the outwear that has been stored in our closets for months. Nonetheless, it is very likely that many of our precious and valuable pieces of apparel got lost during spring clean-up and then, we do not have any outwear to go out and survive the extreme weather. The good thing is, there is a chance to reinvent our style and get the latest trends in fashion. Every year, new styles and trends visit the stores, changing all the pieces of apparel upside down, and reinventing all the clothes we have known so far.

In regards to winter clothes, or any other piece of apparel made especially to survive the cold weather, there are many pieces of leather clothes to pick from, including the long leather coat, and other kinds of coat that make the cold feel like nothing while we get the chance to look sophisticated and chic. This season, coats come in different colors, textures and designs. Nonetheless, there is just a small amount of leather coats that make it to the list of most fashionable and trendy this season, and they make it to such list by having certain features such as special internal lining, studs and others decorations, and popular leather colors.

This season, long leather coat is popular in color black. Although usually, trench coats, topper coats, and many other kinds of coats are popular in chocolate, beige, caramel and other kinds of tones of brown, the most popular color of leather coats is black. Black was usually associated with biker kind of jackets and even the bomber ones. However, this year brings us a blend of urban and modern style along with wild and adventurous, and that is why the sophisticated looks of a long leather coat are mixed with the versatile and wild black leather. The result is a kind of coat that goes well with casual outfits, as well as business formal ones.

Another popular feature for the season is the fur internal lining that covers all the interior of the coat, and even the neckline or hood of the coat (depending on the style). This feature is meant to bring a sense of elegance and high end looks, by putting on fur lining that matches and contrasts the overall look of the leather coat. Moreover, all of the coats that have a fur lining take away the weather worries of their bearers by ensuring them with warmth and comfort. The fur lining provides a warm and cozy feeling that will make you want to wear this coat even when you are indoors. Coats with fur lining come in different colors, and you can definitely find one that goes well with the kind of outfits you like to wear, whether they are formal or casual.

While most of the leather coats have always been smooth and featureless, this season brings a few new adaptations by incorporating studs and other kinds of ornaments that enhance the whole look of the coat, bringing all the attention of anyone around to you and your cozy coat. Besides studs, the other features remain the same, such as the belt and the buttoned front, which seem to be a timeless feature that will remain for years.