Leather Trench Coat

The top 5 trends in Trench Coats this winter

As winter season arrives, the worry of keeping outfits clean and neat increases as the bad weather conditions threaten to destroy them and make you look awful in your next meeting. If you live in a strong urban setting, you might not be thrilled about wearing long leather jackets or other pieces of outwear that take away the elegant and sophisticated feel of your overall look. Instead, you look for that perfect piece of fabric that will perfectly match and compliment your favorite look, the one you plan to wear to your next appointment where you want to impress and steal the attention of everyone around.

If that is your case, then you might be looking for something such as a trench coat. Moreover, if the style of a trench coat is not fashionable enough for you, then you might want to consider getting a leather trench coat. While trench coat collections are already fashionable and stylish enough, using leather to make them upgrades their look to the fullest, bringing out a chic and trendy overall look to anyone who dears to wear one. This season, anyone looking to get a leather trench coat has multiple options, as designers always take creative directions when it comes to reinventing popular pieces of apparel. Here are the top five trends in regards to a leather trench coat for this season.

 • Shorter Leather Trench Coats

Trench coats are commonly known to be at the height of the knees. Making it a whole outfit for women, and covering the upper part of a man’s body completely. Nonetheless, this season, leather trench coats come at a little shorter height, just right above the knee level, making it a little more sexy and chic for women to wear. Women who wear this kind of leather coat, still can wear miniskirts and leggings underneath, to keep their look sexy and attractive, while keeping the body warm.

 • Black Leather Trench Coats

Although black has always been a popular color for other kinds of jackets and coats such as the biker jacket as well as the bomber jacket, black leather has never been a popular option for leather trench coats. Usually, trench coats are popular in beige, brown and other earthy tones of leather. However, this season is breaking the rules by making black a popular choice in terms of color for trench coats. This season, black is the trendiest and most popular color for leather trench coats.

 • Buttons in the Trench Coats.

What makes the most significant difference between other kinds of coats and a trench coat, is the elegant crafting of the buttons along the front, usually in two lines of well-positioned buttons. This season, the buttons come in colors that contrast the overall color of the coat. Given the fact that black is among the most popular colors, metallic buttons are the ones that compliment them the best.

 • Belts around the Trench Coats

A belt around a trench coat takes away all the seriousness that the look might carry when you are wearing too many business casual clothes. If before or after work you want to look a little more relax and trendy, you want to make sure your coat has a belt.

 • Fur lined Trench Coats

This season, coats and many pieces of leather outerwear come with fur lining, which adds wildness and identity to your coat. The lining contrasts the overall color of the coat.