Leather Sport Coat

What this season has for men in sport coat: The top 5 designs

Not every single coat is meant to be worn in stormy, snowy, or rainy kinds of weather that threaten to destroy your favorite outfits. After all, coats are not made to just protect from bad weather conditions, but they are also designed to enhance your look and let you steal the looks of people all around you. For that reason, many options of leather coats have been designed to be worn at very casual events such as sports, picnics and many other informal events outdoors where you would still want to wear something nice and trendy.

This season has come strong with multiple casual kinds of leather coats, including the leather sport coat, which is a popular pick for men who like to be active and trendy. Here are the top five selections of leather sport coat styles for the season.

 • Lambskin Coat

When it comes to leather, there are many sources used to get the finest and most fashionable leather in existence. Moreover, designers everywhere always look for ways to get different kinds of leather every year, and this year has brought us lambskin leather. This kind of leather is being used to make fine leather sport coat styles that blend a look of seriousness and fashion all in one. As a result, this coat becomes a very versatile option that goes well with multiple kinds of outfits.

 • Moto Coat

Motorcycle rider jackets have been popular since Marlon Brando and James Dean first wore them in the twentieth century. They were easy to carry around, and after wearing them for a few minutes, men did not want to take them off even if they were indoors. Nowadays, designers have invented something that we call a moto coat, a kind of coat that has the wild adventurous look of the biker jacket, but it has more subtle details. Regardless of it being a simpler piece of leather apparel, this kind of coat still protects from strong winds and keeps you warm in the cold seasons.

 • Bomber-Jacket like coat

Bomber jackets have always been fashionable and trendy, but they are also known for being bulky. With that size of jacket, you really do not have to worry about bad weather conditions. However, you might have to worry every time you want to store it as its bulky complexion is hard to put in the closet. However, this season brings coats that have the features of the bomber jacket in a more simple and condensed version. This coat comes in thinner layers while it still protects you from bad weather.

 • Flyer Coat

Another kind of sport coat available for men this season, is the flyer coat, which is similar to the aviator jackets. The flyer coat, however, is shorter in length. It covers the body from shoulders all the way down to right below the waistline. It has triangular cuts around the neckline, as well as the buttons and belt that are known of aviator styles. This coat will look best if you get it in its tone of caramel brown and it is a perfect addition to a vintage sporty outfit.

 • Slim Fit Coat

One thing is for sure, not all of us have the same body size and a trendy man does not want to look big when wearing outwear. For that reason, the slim fit coat has been designed, to make men look fit and trendy when sporting their favorite outfits underneath.