Leather Coats

Leather coats- popular hot trends in this collection

This winter season comes with a lot of options of leather apparel for people to choose from and find something that will keep them comfy and warm in the midst of the coldest of the nights. Coats, as opposed to jackets, carry within themselves a little more elegance and a more sophisticated feeling. Choosing the right coat for a good smart casual outfit could make a good first impression if you are going to a job interview this winter season. Or perhaps you are going on a first date, and you are wondering what kind of clothes you could wear to make a good impression on your date. The answer is, wear a leather coat. Actually, wear a leather coat. Coats themselves make an excellent good impression, but the impressions are even better when they are in leather. Leather is attractive and comfy.

Among the most popular styles of leather coats for the season, we have the shearling coats. For women, the most popular colors are caramel brown and beige, while men preffer dark chocolate brown and black. Other colors available are white, yellow and even different shades of blue leather. Not all of these coats are made of just one color, as some of them have touches of a contrasting color that makes the coat look even better. Sometimes, the contrasting color comes in the form of fur that surrounds the neckline and goes all the way into its interior lining, making it very warm and comfortable to wear, without compromising its overall elegance and sophisticated vibe. However, leather shearling coats are not as formal as other kinds of coats. For that reason, shearling coats go well with a good pair of jeans and a good pair of boots. They are a perfect addition for a casual outfit during the windy season.

The most trendy leather coats of the season are anything but ordinary. If you take a close look at them, you will notice that they have uncommon features such as closing on the sides, rather than just in the front. Among the most popular coats, are the coats that have a zipper or button that clips at one side of the coat, instead of doing it in the center like it is commonly done. However, if the coats come with buttons, the amount of buttons in the jacket is reduced to three or even two buttons, making it very simple and minimalist. This season is all about keeping it simple, fresh, and trendy. When it comes to zippers, not all of them are of a silver metallic tone. Some of them come in golden and bronze tones as well. The buttoned coats are good for a more casual and relaxed outfit, while the zippered ones are for wilder and more adventurous escapes. At the end of the day, you pick your coat based on what kind of activities you want to pursue. Many of the coats that are trending this season are the ones with a rounded neck surrounded by sheepskin or fur that contrasts the overall color of the coat.

Different leather coats are compatible with different kinds of outfits. The coats that come in black or any dark shade of leather go well with a very formal or smart casual kind of outfit. Light brown, white, or any other light tone of leather goes well with casual and more relaxed outfits.