Leather Blazer

What to wear with a leather blazer this season: the expert's opinion & tips

As winter is approaching, it’s time for us to rearrange our wardrobe with winter jackets. Among other jackets, leather will surely be a major part of our winter shopping, as they are stylish, comfortable and warm to wear. This season leather jackets are found in different styles and colours. Among the various styles available, leather blazer is always very trendy and makes a style statement. It is popular among both men and women. If you know how to choose the perfect bottom wear, nothing can go wrong with wearing a leather blazer.

Leather blazers are found in various hues this season. For men, care must be taken when choosing the pair of pants with it. Rule of thumb says that dark coloured blazer goes well with lighter coloured pants and this will highlight precisely both part of the body. Leather blazers look cool with a plain tee shirt and give a casual appearance. Adding a hat will give you an attitude. You can also try it with colourful checked shirts along with jeans for a sporty look. Wrap a muffler around your neck for adding extra style to your overall outfit. It will give you a gentleman image. You can wear leather blazer over a hooded outfit for a rock and roll look. Leather blazers portray masculinity and must be worn in a rough and tough manner. It will translate your personality as being strong. So you must wear it with confidence. Leather blazers are worn for protection. So leather blazers are more appropriate to wear during tiring journeys or adverse weather. Women can style leather blazers with pencil skirts, a-line skirts, long skirts, or even floral dresses. Like men, women will look good on jeans and leather blazer. Cameo pants also look stylish with high heels. Both boots and heels go well with blazer. Leather blazer can be worn over colourful plaid shirt and ankle boots. For a cool look you can wear it with leggings, knee length boots and wrap a scarf around your neck. Women’s leather blazer is available in variant colours like red, orange, green, pink, purple, blue, etc. are very trendy this season. White dresses look very smart with black blazer. You can spice up dark toned blazer over a knee length sweater and high boots and turn heads around in streets. Wearing necklace adds a feminine touch to the overall outfit of a woman.

Lambskin is used for making leather blazer, which makes it very comfortable for this season. From traditional cowboy look to the modern rock and roll look, leather blazers are available in all styles this season. You can turn your leather blazer to a biker jacket by addition of buttons and some emblems. Leather blazer is a much admired piece of clothing for this season. The good thing about leather blazer is that you can wear it for formal setting as well as casual events. The way to pull off your leather blazer is very important. This is because, no matter how expensive your blazer is, it will not look good if you don’t know how to carry it off. The tips that have been discussed in this article will be useful when wearing a leather blazer.