Leather Blazer For Women

What goes best with a leather blazer for women: the Tips and tricks

A leather blazer is a sophisticated and trendy outfit for women. It is a necessary item of every fashion conscious women’s wardrobe. A leather blazer has the outstanding ability to change a simple outfit to an extraordinary stylish one. It can be worn as for a formal and casual wear. Leather blazer for women comes in various styles and colours. You must choose the one that suits you well. Unless you know what goes well with a leather blazer, even the most stylish and expensive blazer might turn into a fashion disaster.

Choosing the right leather blazer for women depends on your unique personality and how you carry it out. You must select the one which fits your body well. If you are lucky to possess an hourglass figure, you don’t need to worry much. Anything will look good on you. Still if you want to look slimmer, choose a black or dark brown blazer. Those with straight figure will look on blazers having zipper, buckles and studs. This will hide their not so proportionate areas of the body. For those with a triangular body shape must be careful in balancing the upper and bottom part of the body. A hip length jacket will balance both parts of the body. A long top with jeans will look good with this style of blazer. For women with pear-shaped figure, cropped blazer is the best pick.

Leather blazer looks very feminine and stylish with a floral dress and high heels. A nice necklace and hair accessories will enhance your girly look. It can be put over a party dress, like a shiny skirt or gown with a belt to make the outfit more attractive. For a tough and strong look, biker style leather blazer with blue or grey jeans and white T-shirt are very aesthetic. For a youthful look, you can wear a waist-length leather blazer with a pencil skirt or a-line skirt and leather boots. Ornaments like pearl earrings and bangles add a feminine touch to it. A bomber style leather blazer goes well with tunic and high boots. This style of blazer also looks good and casual with knee-length skirts, T-shirt and sneakers. A black leather blazer looks best with white shirt and high heels. You can turn this casual look to a corporate look just by putting on black slacks and black pump shoes instead of high heels. Silver coloured ornaments go really well this outfit. Leather blazer over a plaid shirt and ankle boot looks sophisticated. Instead of jeans, cameo pants can be another option to go with leather blazer. This military style pant portrays a strong image. You can look extremely trendy if you put on leather blazer over a dark coloured dress and wrap around a coloured scarf on your neck. Printed tank top or striped top will highlight your look. In such case you can keep the front of the jacket open.

If you don’t want to highlight your outfit, choose a darker or neutral coloured leather blazer. Whatever design you choose, it must be well-fitted. Leather blazer is an expensive purchase, so you must consider the durability of the jacket. Jackets that are made up of lambskin lasts more than those made of cow or sheep skin. So choose a leather blazer that is stylish, will look good on you, and will last longer.