Leather Shirt

The popular leather outwear for this fall collection- The top 5 design trends

Nowadays, the designers are coming with wide variety of leather outer wear, which looks very sporty and fashionable. People are seen trying different forms of leather outwear like leather shirt, pant, jacket, coats, vests, skirt etc, which really reflect the bold personality. The leather outwears looks more adorable, when it is selected according to your body structure and outfits. The top 5 design trends, which can add that extra oomph factor to your wardrobe.

 • Leather jackets. This season, the stores have been flooded with the diverse collection of leather jackets both among men and women. The jackets of different leather material like lamb and faux leather are mostly in trend. Other than black, more colors of jackets among men like navy blue and brown and in women like red, orange, military green, blue, magenta etc are also available. They are designed in such a way that it suits with any outfit. Another type of leather jackets are with fur on the collar and also with different neck style like funnel or turtle are mostly loved by people this season.

 • Leather shirt: This fall collection, the fashion stores are also seen with the array of leather shirts and T shirts. Among men, the shirt or t shirt is much liked my people. Shirt with full sleeve, drop down collars, front pockets and showy buttons which draw your attention towards it is currently in vogue. T shirts are available with various designs and block prints. Certain shirts are designed with mixed material made up of cotton with patches of leather in it. The fashion for the ladies leather shirt is also prevalent. It is preferable for both the business look and the casual look. It can be wear with the tight or pencil skirts, leggings, printed or cameo pants, which give bolder look.

 • Trench coat: The long coats up to knee length, body fitting with the great detailing using stylish buttons at the centre and trendy belt at the waist are in vogue nowadays. It can be well teamed up with the leggings. Even trench coats among men are also in great fashion. Some coats are also available with the fur and hoodie. The trench coats are seen to be hot favorite this season.

 • Leather vests: People are also fond of the leather vest, which can be nicely teamed with long sleeve t shirts and denims. The vest are of many designs and patterns like having pin holes in the jacket, zippers and many pockets, some has embossed leather work, while some are having leather lace, some of them also have stone work on the vest, some come with buttons instead of zips and many more style. They are also available in different colors like brown, black, dark green, metallic, blue and are also found in contrasting colors.

 • Suede jacket: It is the also the type of leather, but is less durable than the leather. The designs of the suede jackets resemble to that of the leather shirts. Those jackets are also thin and smooth and can be worn as a shirt. Certain suede jackets are designed with leather patch work, some has fringe like the leather shirt at the front, while some also have faux fur at the collar.

Thus the popular trends this season can make you look chic and adorable. Leather outwear will definitely help in creating style statement, then whether it is the leather jacket, leather shirt, leather trench coat, leather vest or any other leather accessories.