Leather Clothing

Colourful patterns, strict lines -- The contrasting trends of leather clothing this winter

What has changed this season in terms of leather clothing? What exactly makes this year’sselection of leather clothing standout from the rest? What exactly is about this season’s selection of leather clothing that brings people coming back for more? This article will attempt to answer those questions and possible more. This year’s leather is all about strict lines and colorful patterns. Last season, in contrast was all about conservative styles with less striking features then styles of this season. All in all, the cloths of this seasons in terms of leather are all radicallydifferent then last season.

In terms of leather dresses last seasons, they were all long dresses with dark colors such as black and brown, common gin standard leather as the texture of choice. This season is completely different. Rather the colorful expressions of suede is the texture of choice simply for how many differing styles are possible with suede then are with plain old leather. If you’re looking for a style of leather dress that will stay good for seasons to com, then this is the style of leather dress for you.

As far as jackets go, the same applies. Whereas also season was all about keeping warm in long jackets and coats, this season is more about fashion and flair than anything else. Colorful bright leathers, whether they be suede or whatever, are the colors of choice this season. In terms of leather raincoats, the shiny leather is the lather of choice. As far as shearling jackets are concerned, dark leather is still the way to go, but instead of being limited to black or brown you also have the option of grey in this style.

In terms of shoes, the most popular are the western style leather boots. These leather boots are best when they’re carves out and made to look like they were authentically made in the old west. The trend here is detail. The more detail your leather boots have the more INSstyle they are. Another popular style this season are tennis shoes. This is a result of the urban boom that recently hit the fashion world.

As far as skirts of the season are concerned, you can never go wrong with a pleated leather skirt or an asymmetrical skirt. These skirt styles are so jarring that they almost radiate a shock at every turn and line. The entire point of these styles of leather skirts are to bring a lot of attention to your skirt area. As far as the pleated leather skirt goes, it’s a simple matter of the sight lines adding that bit of detail that makes people turn their heads towards you. With the asymmetrical skirt, its ore about getting said attention from an age of skirt that people aren’t used to seeing usually. The skirt is also a great excuse to show off one of your legs.

In terms of leather accessories, leather belts and wallets are best when they’re of the handmade variety. Handmade leather wallets and belts are carved with extra care that a machine could never put into such clothing. The point is that when a human does it, they make mistakes and thus every belt or wallet comes out just a bit different than anyone else’s. If you’re looking for the leather accessories that give you just a bit of edge over others in terms of fashion, then these are the wallets and belt for you of the season.