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The favorite of Rodeos: the 5 must have apparels of a rodeo

Are you looking to put together the perfect cowboy outfit this year for a rodeo? Are you preparing for your very first rodeo but don’t know exactly what it is your expected to wear? Has it been so long that you’ve forget exactly what it is that your expected o wear? Then this is the article for you. The following are the five items that no cowboy or cowgirl can go to a rodeo without. There are the items that app professional Rodeo stars are expected to wear when out doing what it is that makes them stars.

A long sleeve collared shirt. Cowboys in the old west didn’t even understand the concept of a tee-shirt. To them it was all about that fine collared dress shirt as it was the shirt of choice at the time. Ever since, as an homage, the rodeo still promotes this style among their stars. Professionals are all seen in this kind of shirt. While not the most important or function-able article of appeal on the top five list, in terms of authenticity this is the shirt of choice for any aspiring star.

Leather chaps. Mens chaps were designed for obvious reasons. To keep a man’s body from getting chapped while riding some kind of animal. Whether you be a professional horsemen or someone who dabbles in bull riding, these are the must have, necessary accessory for any cowboy. Mens chaps, while simple in concept, are important because of how much they can protect you from getting serious hurt from friction. If you’re looking for the most important accessory of the season for rodeo stars, then leather mens chaps are an absolutely must have item

The bandana. This another article of appeal that’s basically useless save for the authenticity to the style. A bandana around the neck is the ultimate symbol of the western cowboy. Every look has an accessory that brings the look to gather. Business suits have ties, the western cowboy outfit has bandanas and bolo ties. The bandana though is a bit more authentic in terms of style which is why it makes it onto the top five list.

The leather boots. While this item isn’t crucially important to the overall outfit for a rodeo, it’s the shoe of choice for any cowboy. The spurs on the back are for digging into your horse to make it go faster with the leather there to keep your legs from getting chapped up by the animal. If you’re a hardcore western kind of guy with a need for a genital ride through the countryside on an animal that has come to be one of the most dependable in the entire animal kingdom, then this trend is a must have

The leather cowboy vest. This vest, unlike the other two styles, actually has a function other than keeping your body warm and decent. The leather vest is a must have for any experiences rodeo star for the simple fact that being on top of either a bull or horse can really chafe up your body from all the friction burn of rubbing against the animals for so long. While this item is one of two of the most important men’s western gear, it comes in second to the number one for the simple fact that the number one spot is even more necessary.