Cowgirl Chaps

Perfect for horse riding: the top accessories of this season for ladies

Are you looking to seriously update your horse riding outfit? Has your old one grown old and tired? Is this the first I in your life that you’ve ever had to seriously consider getting geared up to gohorseback riding? Whatever the case might be, this is the article for any cowgirl looking to update her style this season. The following are the top five different accessories that all women must have this season in terms of cowgirl outfits.

A ten gallon hat. Of all the different accessories of the style, this one is the most iconic. You can’t be a cowboy or cowgirl without a top quality ten gallon hat sported on top of your head. This hat is just the iconic hat that you think of when you think of cowboys. While not the most important of accessories in terms of functionality, in terms of trendiness and fashion, this is the must have hat for any cowgirl.

Bolo tie. When it comes to cowgirls, more often than not you’ll find the with a good quality bolo tie over the classic western bandana. For a woman, a bolo tie is the perfect accessory to hang around your neck on a any day that feels like a horse riding day. Bolo ties are that little accessory in terms of cowgirl outfits that brings the entire outfit together for a woman. Suddenly you go from a simple cowgirl to an elegant horse rider of expertise.

Leather cowgirl vest if you’re looking for a vest that says you love horses as well as riding them into the sunset on a warm summer night, then this is the accessory of choice for you this season. The leather vest is meant to keep your upper body from chafing as you ride your horse for extended periods of time. This is the accessory of choice for any cowgirl looking to keep her stomach and chest from getting chaffed from the sometimes intense ride a horse can really give you on their good days. This is an absolutely must have for all professional horseback riders.

Cowgirl boots. Just like the vest, the main point of this accessory is to keep your body from chaffing during an intense horseback ride. Like you might think, these are specifically meant to keep your legs from chafing from having to cling your legs to your horse. For any cowgirl looking for the genuine horseback experience, this is the must have accessory of the season. Not only that, but the spurs that this type of boot are famous for are designed to help you better manage your horse. They not only help you cling to its side, but also help you dig into the horse for an extreme boost of speed when you’re feeling passionate and free.

Cowgirl chaps. Out of all the leather accessories meant to keep you from chaffing during a horseback ride, cowgirl chaps are by far the most important. When you ride a horse, the only part of you that constantly has to maintain contact with the horse is you underside section. Because of the way animals move, you could really end up seriously hurting yourself without a good pair of chaps around. This is the nectary accessory for anyone looking to get into horseback riding as opposed to just the experts. If you’re going to forget any accessories on this list, just be sure it isn’t the cowgirl chaps.