Wide Leather Belt

What dictated leather belt trends this season

In the past, leather belts were simply belts like any other type in the market but in this season, there are certain factors that ascertain the type of leather belt, the occasion to be worn and other factors that are key before settling for a final choice. Some obvious factors that dictated the leather belt trends of this season include:

Casual versus Official

The leather belts are designed to perfectly fit these occasions and the crucial determinant is the size of the leather belt. For casual occasions, the wide leather belt serves the purpose quite appropriately. The fact is that most people dress up in jeans and clothing that matches up with this wide leather belt. On the other hand it is preferable to wear narrow belts for formal occasion so as not to draw a lot of concentration on the belt. In addition, these leather belts are also well polished and shiny in order to be presentable and in place. It is therefore important to note that the occasion highly dictates the type of leather belt to be worn and purchased.

The leather buckles

It is also one of the main determinants that dictate the type of belt trend and the occasion where it can be worn appropriately. There are buckles that are large and wide and they are considered as perfect if worn to casual occasions while the official types tend to be narrower and simpler in terms of design. The significance of the size is simply to present well the required occasion correctly. It is therefore not wise to have the wide buckles directed towards formal events since the main purpose is to be presentable and not obstruct core workers. In casual event anything goes because it’s ideally showcasing fashion and style.

The size of the belt

This fact is also fundamental because it dictates the belt trend there are varied sizes available in the market that range from the larger size to the small size. It is therefore important to select the size that will make you very comfortable. The intention here is to ensure that you buy a specified length that will be comfortable when worn with a pair of jeans, trousers or dress for that matter. Apart from the size, it is important to select the type that is durable and has quality. With quality, you get the opportunity of wearing the belt every day without worrying about its longevity.

Keeping up with the fashion

This is the most important aspect that also dictates the fashion of the belt. The belts are designed with the sole intention of matching them up with certain attires as fashion evolves so does the leather belts in that in this era there are varied designs of these lest her belts and they are available in different colors unlike in the past where most of these leather belts were either black or brown. In addition there are specific fashion styles that require you to wear belts while there are others that kit is optional to have them on.

The leather type

There are different leather types that are available in the market today and also used as a determinant to the type of leather belt to be designed. The full grain leather for instance is best for high quality belts that are mostly worn to formal occasions. It is therefore important to consider these determinants before acquiring the best leather belt.