White Leather Belt

What to buy this season in leather belts: the top 5 new trends

Belts enhance the aesthetic appeal of an ordinary outfit. On the other hand, some outfits like formal shirts, denims, pants, or tuxedos look incomplete without a belt. Belts are not only functional anymore, they are a style statement. Among other fabrics, leather belts are the most reliable ones. Leather belts are now available in enticing colours and attractive buckles. Designers every season come up with new designs of leather belts. The top 5 new trends this season are mentioned below.

 • Slim or thin leather belt: This slim stylish belt adds extra appeal to your casual outfit. Slim belts make you waist look narrower, thus making your figure more attractive. These belts look extremely attractive in bright colours, like red, orange, blue, pink, green, etc. These slim belts are simple but smart. These slim belts are an essential item for your wardrobe. These belts are usually less than an inch wide. They look great over dresses or pants. You can choose a plain slim belt for going to office or braided, printed or sequined slim belt for casual events.

 • Embossed leather belt: Embossed leather belts add an extra effect than plain textures. White leather belt is very demanding in this category this season. Basket weave is a common pattern of these belts. Animal skin embossed leather belts are also fashionable. Python skin, crocodile skin or shark skin belts give a sense of exotic fashion sense and luxury. Patterns like floral, oak leaf and acorn patterns are also very trendy. This style of leather belt features art work in genuine full grain leather. Braided leather belt is a popular style of embossed leather belt. Western cowboy or cowgirl style embossed leather belts are also available this season.

 • Wide leather belts: Wide leather belts are gaining a lot of popularity recently. Wide leather belts give a youthful and sporty look to your outfit. They make a simple and dull outfit more prominent and attractive. These belts are appropriate for parties. These wide leather belts are found in multi coloured designs. A wide belt on top of a dress enhances the look.

 • Coloured leather belts: Bold and bright coloured belts are very trendy this season. Besides the darker tones of red, blue, green, and yellow, milder tones like grey, camel brown and white leather belt is stylish. Multicoloured leather belts are also fashionable.

 • Studded leather belt: This style of belt gives a glamorous image. It is very trendy this season. Stones or gems like rhinestones, beads, metallic embellishments, beads, silver or silver studs are used to design these belts.

The highest quality leather belt is made up of full grain leather which is the upper layer of an animal skin that is a single piece holding together. Leather belts are now becoming an extremely fashionable piece of accessory. Besides holding pants in proper place, belts are now a style element. They make a dull outfit look shiny and polished. Belts are now a necessary fashion accessory for both men and women. Leather belt is versatile enough to be worn in any part of the day and in any occasion, be it formal or casual. It has indeed become an essential part of any fashion lover’s wardrobe.