Red Leather Belt

Extravagant colours, authentic patterns: the new trends of leather belts

Belts are one of the finest fashion accessories available in the market. A belt enhances style and break or makes the waist line. Though belts are found in various fabrics, leather belt is the most demanding and fashionable item. A good quality leather belt complements an outfit, making it more stylish. A leather belt has the powerful ability to transform a street wear to a designer wear.

Leather belts of various sizes and shapes have been seen on the runways this year. Men’s belts were mostly found in black and brown tones. On the other hand, women’s leather belt collection has been very colourful and of diverse designs. From wide belts emphasizing shapely waist to skinny belts all were present on this year’s runway. Belts of extravagant colours with big buckles look good on black skirts. Belts with animal textures and patterns add an extra dimension to the fashion of leather belts. For example, python leather belt makes you look confident and stylish. Another exotic design is crocodile pattern leather belt. Buckles are decorated with pearls, rhinestones and other jewelleries. This style of belt is perfect for those who want a bit of luxury in their outfit. A black or dark brown leather belt with a simple and elegant buckle gives an outfit a formal look and is appropriate for business settings. The same outfit can be made dressy or glamorous and appropriate for evening parties by adding a bold coloured leather belt, for example, red leather belt, with decorative buckle. Block coloured belt, like red leather belt, adds individuality and colour to an outfit. A block coloured leather belt will create a clear separation between upper and lower part of the body. Apart from red leather belt, other colours include yellow, blue, green, pink, etc. Wide brown leather belts give a country look; black woven belt has a more casual and elegant appeal; thin black belt is appropriate for formal wear; yellow leather belt will make you stand out from the crowd; striped blue or green thin leather belts will make you stylish in a casual event. It is smart style to match the colour of your belt with your handbag.

Besides the leather belts that are available in the market, handmade belts are also found. These handmade belts and floral patterns, oak leaf and acorn patterns engraved on them. Other patterns include basket weave, frontier, Chisholm, Comstock, etc. Leather belts engraved in these patterns with wide brass, nickel, silver or other metal buckles often give a cowgirl image. By choosing the colour or pattern of the belt carefully, you can add extra spark and colour to your personality. Black leather belts with silver plated shiny decorative buckles are a very smart choice for the ladies. Leather belts with studs make a punk and modern impression.

A leather belt can make an outfit look more lively and stylish. The leather used in making good quality leather belt is very soft and versatile. Buying a nice leather belt is a lifetime investment and will give you comfort, besides the aesthetic feeling. Leather is a luxurious item, so it will be an intelligent decision to buy an expensive leather belt than a cheap one which might not guarantee the quality of leather.