Leather Belts

Leather belt fashion trends - What is a must have for your wardrobe this winter

Are you looking for some top quality leather belts this season? Are your old belts all past their prime and ready for a new and young belt to replace them? Are you just tired of all your old belts and ready for something new? Then there are a few different trends to keep in mind this season. The first trend is single colored belts. These belts are simple and to the point for anyone looking for just another belt to wear. The next is the pattered belt. Patterned belts, on the other hand, add that extra bit of interest to any and every wardrobe you have. The final thing to keep in mind is the reversible belt. Reversible belts are belts are belts that can be more than one single comer of belt, so if you’re looking for just one belt this season but with more than a single look, this is the style of choice for you this season.

The first thing to keep in mind are the simple plain belts like black or brown leather belts. These belts are the most conservative of the conservative. Literally anybody can look good in a classic black belt without even trying the reason for this is how iconic such belts are. They’ve been around for so long and have stayed at the top style of belt for just a long that it’s pretty much become engraved n our brains that when we see a brown or black belt, it looks good. This is definitely the style of choice of belt for anyone looking for just a simple and plain belt that gets the job done.

The second thing to keep in mind is patterned leather belts such as braided belts. The reason these kinds of belts are so awesome us because they subtly draw attention to whatever wardrobe you chose to wear. When you see someone walking down the street with a plain belt, there’s absolutely nothing interesting enough or different enough about your belt to draw anyone’s attention to your waist. With a patterned belt, because it’s not just one solid color, it instantly draws attention to you from whoever catches a glance. Even if it’s only for a second a patterned belt is the belt of choice for anyone looking for a little bit more flair in their wardrobe.

The third thing to keep in mind is the reversible belts. Reversible belts are great for two reasons. One is they save you money the other is they give you more choice in customizing your belt then a normal belt when you’re on the go. When you’re at home it doesn’t really matter because you can just pick the style that most interests you. With a reversible belt, however, you don’t have to really worry about looking great immediately out the door. With a reversible belt, if you decide that you don’t like how the belt draws your outfit together, you can always just reverse it and get more usage out of it then if it were a plain belt. Other than that it saves you money from having to buy two belts. For those of us who need a little bit more spending cash and can be picky right out the door as to how we want to look, this is the style of belt of choice for you this season.