Genuine Leather Belts

How to be sure about the quality of leather in a belt: the practical tips

In order to get a leather belt that is durable, it is important to consider the quality of the leather jacket and there are supreme determinants that ensure you always get it right when it comes to selecting these leather belts.

Types of leather

The leather belts are made of different types of leather that are usually produced in varied ways and the end result is usually differing quality:

The full grain leather

This type of leather is classed as the highest quality type of leather used in making belts which is usually as a result of top layer of skin from an animal. The type of leather is sophisticated in that it makes belts that are unblemished, durable and ranks highest in terms of quality. Moreover, the belts made from this type of leather are perfect to wear daily because of the assurance that they will not wear out and because of the fact that they are flexible and serve all purposes intently. They are therefore appropriate for both casual and official occasions.

The genuine leather

Genuine leather belts are made from leather that is genuine and most people prefer these leather belts because they regard and consider them to have quality. The genuine leather belts are made of two layers where the outer layer is made of leather that is of top grain while the inner layer is made of inferior leather hence making it cheaper than the top grain. In reality they are not of the required standard of quality and are not as durable as the full grain leather belts.

The bonded leather belts

These leather belts are made of pure leather though they are not of high quality because of the design of the belts. The patches are glued together hence making them lesser in terms of quality, durability, flexibility and appropriateness. In addition these leather belts are easily obtained in most of the black markets and this also negates their adequacy. On the other hand, there are belts that are made of synthetic leather that are created with varied type of fabrics in order to have a leather feel. These leather belts are cheap and are not of high quality because they wear out faster especially when worn frequently.

In order to get the belt that is of high quality, it is fundamental to perfectly understand the kind of leather that was used in the crafting and the frequency of its life span.

The price tag allocated to the leather belt

It is also an important determinant because it highly addresses the quality of the leather belt. There are different prices for each leather belt and it is important to purchase the belt of your choice. The most expensive leather belts are preferred because they are considered to be of quality. In addition with these leather belts you get the opportunity to save on the cost of replacement. There is no need to frequently purchase leather belts every other time because they are flexible and durable. On the other hand it is risky to purchase the cheap leather belts because chances of replacing them are quite high and instead of saving on cash you end up using a lot of money. It is therefore wise to purchase a leather belt that is durable and of high quality.