Custom Leather Belts

How to get the customized designer belts look: pricey but worth the price

There are lots custom leather belts in the market today but the question you should ask yourself is how frequent do you intend to use the leather belt? With the correct answer in mind it will be therefore much easier to crack the next critical question which is; how come there are different price tags for every custom belt?

It is evident that you will always prefer a leather belt that is worthy and durable and this is arbitrated by the price tags. The prices are not only a means of quantifying but they also serve as a guide towards the best quality that there is available. There are different factors to consider before getting a hold of the worthy leather belt:

The types of leather used in making the belts

It is common knowledge that all the custom leather belts are made of a certain type of leather for instance the top grain leather which is an exclusive and the most expensive type of leather. The leather belts that will therefore be made from this type of leather are expected to be expensive, trendy and sophisticated. In most of the malls the price tags of these leather belts will be very pricey. There are those belts that are made of genuine leather; though preferred by most people it is not 100% perfect because of the combination of low quality and leather that is of better quality. There is the synthetic and the bonded leather belts that are made from any available leather. Most of these custom leather belts are quite cheap and most people run for them expecting to stand out and look good. Ideally, they will be smart but for a limited period of time because of their period of durability.

The type of buckle

There are lots of designs of buckles and they are also made of different materials. There are together are made of gold and they are quite pricey but in deed worth it while there are those that are made from recycled metal. They appear to be genuine but the fact is that they will serve you a limited period while others are simply made from disposable plastic it is therefore wise to select the type that is pricey but you get the satisfaction that they will serve you the required period of time. In addition, the shape of the buckle really matters because the kinds that are made in a well crafted manner are quite pricey and worth it compared to those that are simply buckled up.

The location of purchase

When you have the correct leather belt in mind, it is fundamental to buy it at the correct place in order to get the type that is worth the price and the purpose it is intended to serve. Some leather belts are found in black markets and many people prefer them because they are cheap but the fact is that they are quite pricey because you will have to replace them every other time unlike those who purchase their belts from genuine markets, they can be quite pricey in this locations but they are durable and additional guidance on their maintenance helps you save on a lot of money.

It is therefore worth it to purchase a leather belt that is made of full grain leather, whose buckles are of the genuine type and are purchased at trusted locations.