Brown Leather Belt

The new trends of the most adored men's accessories: Top 5 leather belt designs

A belt is a strap worn around the waist mainly to support pants or trousers. It is also an important style element and enhances the aesthetic appeal of one’s outfit. Since the Bronze Age, belts have been an important part of men’s clothing. Though used by both men and women, belt is more often used by men.

Leather belts are very fashionable. It is durable and stylish. These are made of very high quality leather. Full grain leather is the upper part of the skin of the animal and is a single piece that holds together. Designers come up with unique designs every season. The top 5 designs are discussed below.

1. Carhartt Men’s Anvil Belt: This belt is found both in black and brown colour. This belt is made up of good quality leather and is one and half inches wide. This style of belt is appropriate to wear with jeans or formal attire. So, it’s suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The buckle is made up of gun metal and is of size 2 X 2. This best is very comfortable to wear and is durable.

2. Men’s Mission Leather Ratchet-style Belt: This is a ratchet style belt, that is, there is no hole in the belt. This belt gives you better fit than those with holes. The buckle is flat and is 1.25 inch wide. The belt is easily adjustable. The buckle of the belt is removable and so can be customized. Other than the common black and brown leather belt, this style of belt is found in many colours. Various colour and design of the buckle is also available.

3. Slide Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt: This Slide Belt is similar to the Mission Belt. It has no holes and so is easily adjustable for giving you an excellent fit. This belt is available in a wide spectrum of colours; from brown leather belt and classic black to unconventional yellow and neon green. The buckle can be changed. The sliding option of this belt makes it very fashionable. It’s sleek and elegant design makes it very appealing.

3. Docker’s Men’s Bridle Belt: It is made up of tanned bridle leather and is of brown colour. It has brass buckle and has slanting edge on the sides. The distressed leather appearance of the belt gives it a classic image. This thick and wide belt is a good choice for work or formal occasions.

4. Saddleback Men’s Leather Belt: This is an expensive piece of belt. It is made up of thick vegetable tanned leather. This leather is extracted from the thickest section of an aged bull. This classic belt looks good with formal pants and jeans. This belt is a lifetime purchase.

A belt separates one’s body into two parts, giving a shortening effect. If you want to look taller, the colour of your belt should match your shirt or your trouser, making the separation less obvious. If you are tall then clashing colours will look better, that is, brighter coloured belts with detailed styles will look good. A classic and aged leather belt gives you a vintage look. On the other hand, belts with shiny polishes enhance your casual look, for example, when you are wearing jeans. Leather belt will make you look stylish even if your outfit is most ordinary.