Vintage Bomber Jacket

How vintage leather jackets are back in trend: The top 5 Vintage leather jackets

Heralding the new age in fashion, there always seems a reflection of the past no matter what designs that followed suit after the classic vintage bomber jacket. In the context of vintage, the changing fashion in the modern runways still come up with vintage inspired leather jackets that are seriously back in style. The shifts in the famous designs are made bolder, linear, with a great influence from the past and present. Perhaps designers always sought to combine function with elegance. This is probably why the classic looks of vintage leather jackets are back in trend. Here is the top 5.

Aviator style

Aviator inspired vintage leather jackets will always give way to your penchant for flying high. This, coupled with your impeccable taste for style makes it a perpetually recurring trend. When you appreciate wearing something that tells a story behind it, that’s where the thin line is drawn between being stylish and fashionable. Stylish individuals know there’s a tale in every vintage garment, whether you opt for the real treasure or just the design, your eloquent taste will keep rising up to the limits.

Rider style

Vintage biker style leather jacket commands a laidback cool vibe that’s very much like the ones borne out of a James Dean classic movie with motorcycles. Men and women who are self-assured wear this type of jacket with unassuming confidence. Perhaps it goes with the flattering fit of a vintage biker gear that often accompanies them to their most extreme adventures.

Rocker Style

The edgy glamour of legendary rockers keeps this style of vintage rock to the fashion mainstream. The slim cut of a metal studded blazer style jacket is a perfect representation of the hardcore music that was made to last for several decades.

Belted style

The belted waist design on a classic vintage leather jacket is a reminder of the timeless wardrobe worn by Hollywood luminaries like Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. The chic designs of cinched waist outfits are very prominent in today’s fashionable finds whether for vintage or modern look.

Short style

There is something so charming about a vintage bomber jacket with short hems. Short jackets are back in style whether for floral, plaid or two-tone varsity styles. Leather jackets with folded hems and cuffs look sublime in shorter lengths. It’s not much of a fuss to wear as it goes perfectly with just about any top. Men can wear it with plaid trousers for that preppy vintage look while women can don the same or perhaps with the latest pleated skirts to match. Vintage designs are often limited to earth tones and neutral shaded leather.

When one hears the word vintage, real life events, great storiesor songs are remembered. We don’t have to understand everything from the words or the perspectives and even the ideologies behind the painted images of a real vintage bomber jacket, but appreciating it is worth something.

Today, fashion is created in the most convincing way, having recreated the old into something new. Yet the peculiar charm of a vintage stays right there no matter what comes in every minute. In this fickle modern world, perhaps there is always someone like you who appreciates the beauty behind the distressed leather, the faded colours and the rusty metals that goes with an old jacket. Your taste? It’s Impeccable!