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The new features and designs in this year leather jackets: The most popular ones

This year there have been a number of new jackets with innovative styles introduced in the market by various companies. Many jackets come with their old styles amended to form a new style while others come with a brand new look which no one has seen before. It would not be wrong to say that this year has been a delight for all leather jacket lovers. So are you also one of those people who are eager to know about the new features and designs of latest leather jackets which have been introduced this year? Well, you are at the right place then. Let us have a glimpse at the new features and designs in leather jackets this year.

Studded leather jackets

The trend of studded leather jackets is quite new this season. These jackets comprise of studded metals on the surface of the jacket. In most cases these studded metal pieces are flat but in certain jackets pointed metal pieces are also used. This new style of studded metal jackets has been introduced specifically for those people who wish to have a rock star look. Most of the teenagers and young adults are amongst the active buyers of these jackets.

Quilted jackets

Quilted leather jackets comprise of padding between layers of sheets which are joined together by stitching. This padding generally makes these jackets look thicker. However, this style of jackets is quite famous nowadays and is worn by people in cold regions to keep them warm at all times.

Sheepskin jacket men prefer

This year it has been witnessed that an increasing number of people opted for sheepskin jacket men. Sheepskin jacket men have this year have been made in unique and smart designs. These types of jackets mostly give a quite shiny appearance. Most of them come with a front zip closure and are kept long in length. The designs of sheepskin jackets are kept simple, since the real beauty of this style lies in its simplicity.

Vintage style jackets

This year the vintage style jackets are quite in demand. Some of these jackets come in a rough look while others feature a more shiny and attractive appearance. Vintage jacket comes in various styles and looks. The new trend nowadays is to have vintage style jackets with large buttons for the closure and large shirt-like collars. In fact, the most preferred colors in this style include brown and black.

Recent trend of Customized jackets

One of the most famous trends which have grown rapidly over the years is customized leather jackets. Yes, now one has the facility to get a leather jacket made exactly according to one’s demand. This means that you can define all the features, looks, styles, color and other details of the jacket according to your demands. This enables you to make a unique jacket which no one else has. This trend of customized leather jackets is spreading quite fast and many people have started to adopt it.

Bomber style jackets

Just like sheepskin jackets, bomber jackets are also quite in trend this year. These jackets comprise of thick lining at the front, typically of sheepskin. This is the reason why most of them give a shiny appearance. The overall look of bomber jackets is quite simple yet attractive. This style has become quite famous amongst men and women of all ages.