Shearling coats for women

For Elegant and stylish ladies- new trends of designs and styles this summer for leather coats

This season has come along with a unique collection of elegant and stylish clothes for ladies. It is not wrong that ladies are quite delicate regarding the choice of their clothes and are always looking for something unique, something new. The leather clothing this season, in this regard, is a complete delight for all the ladies out there due to the unique collection of clothes which have been launched this season. And what can be more stylish that the latest leather coats in the market which tend to take away one’s breath and simply win one’s heart. Let us have a look at some of the latest trends of designs and styles in leather coats this season.

Trench coats

The style of trench coats is quite famous nowadays. These are special long coats with larger buttons at the front. The most distinguishing features of these coats are the leather belt which is used for the closure of the coat. Yes, this means that you do not need any buttons or zips for its closure, the unique style trench coats will be closed with belts. Trench coats for women are available in various colors but the most preferred ones are blue, black, grey and brown.

Shearling coats

This season has come with a rare collection of shearling coats for women which will simply blow one’s mind. Shearling coats comprise of a soft outer surface made of shearling wool and are available in different styles. The versatility in the designs of shearling coats for women this season cannot be rivalled. Some of the coats come along with large buttons for closure, some comprise of diagonal zips while others are available in loose styles with no closure at all but with fur collars. Shearling coats for women are surely a hot topic this season.

Quilted coats

Quilted coats are also a favorite of many women nowadays. This is because of the thick look they give along with the warmth which they provide in cold weather. Quilted coats are those with padding between two layers, which makes the coats look thick and also provide warmth. These coats are available in various textures and designs. These textures include diamond textures, block textures, vertical and diagonal lining etc. These coats are one of the most stylish ones which one could get this season.

Fur coats

What can make a better coat than loads of fur slicked to various parts of it to give a warm, cozy appearance? Well, the fur coats this season are surely being worn by loads of women. These coats comprise of fur collars, fur sleeves etc. In fact, some of them also comprise of the whole front of the jacket covered with fur. If you are really font of a unique and glamorous look, you should definitely try out one of the latest fur coats this season.

Wool-blended coats

If you are really looking for a coat which will keep you warm at all temperatures, then you must consider the wool coats this season. There are many coats available which are made from wool blended with leather to make a completely new look which seems to be quite intriguing. So, hurry up and be among the first ones of grab this amazing opportunity this season and get one of those wool-blended coats for yourself.