Shearling Coat



One of the natural beauties of life is the change of times and seasons. The fact that times and seasons change instills within us the conscious need for us to change so that we can make the necessary adjustments that will make us fit in and benefits from the blessings that come with them. From the beautiful sun baths of summer, to the fragrance of spring, and down to the chill of autumn and winter.

The above principles also apply to the fashion trends that accompany each season, and in our context we focus on how you can make the necessary fashion adjustments in a manner that will save you money. One of these trending fashion tools during the ravaging chills of autumn and winter is a shearling coat.

Why go for a shearling coat?

For all the right reasons! First it is an ideal option to tame the biting chill of winter and autumn, away from the traditional and heavy options such as sweaters and other cold-beating options. In short it gives you freedom to choose and enjoy comfort that is punctuated by style and fashion. Below are simple tips that will keep you in tandem with fashion trends, as you use your shearling coat.

A long-term investment that pays long-term dividends beyond just cash

A good quality shearling coat will cost you between a few hundred dollars to a few thousands per piece. This means that everyone within the different echelons of the economy can afford one. Apart from that, it can last for years, as long as you know how to take good care of it. This is where the benefits are reaped for the long-term because you have a long-term tool to ward off the obvious health complications when you stay unprotected from harsh weather conditions associated with winter and autumn.

Proper storage

Since a shearling coat is meant to last long, it is important to maintain its shape and longetivity through proper storage as listed below:

 • Do not store it near fire or strong source of heat.

 • Do not store it in direct sunlight because if will fade fast, hence cutting its lifespan.

 • When hanging your coat in a closet with other clothes, give it enough room to “breath” and to allow for proper air circulation

 • Make sure that it is hanged in a proper and well shaped coat hunger.

Caring for your wet coat

Though you can use your coat in snow and light rains, make sure that you dry it after being drizzled on. Use a dry towel and leave it to dry naturally at room temperature away from any source of heat. Once it has dried, use a suede brush on the suede side and a gentle steel comb on the hair side, after wards you can spread it with a leather protector.

Dry cleaning your coat

Though shearling coat does not require cleaning quite regularly, it is important that you dry clean it at least once per year. Don’t wait until it is “looking or smelling dirty” before you cleaning. This is because solvents accumulating on the coat slowly spoil and weaken it, shortening its lifespan. Make sure you take it to a leather or suede specialist for better dry cleaning.

Pressing your coat

Ensure that you press your coat on the suede side only. Use an iron box at low temperatures with a brown wrapping paper used as an ironing cloth.

With these tips, you can be sure you will enjoy the comfort of your shearling coat for longer and better.