Leather Bomber Jacket

Why bomber jackets are such a favourite of fashion designer: the new trends

Bomber jackets history dates back to the armed forces of World War II. The bomber jacket’s timeless appeal has secured its place in the fashion industry for years and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Hollywood actor Marlon Brando was the one to popularize this jacket in 1953 through his movie ‘The Wild One’. Later, it was also made popular by icons like James Dean, Steve McQueen and more recently Ryan Gosling in the movie ‘Drive’. The bomber jacket’s popularity is sure to increase in the coming years also.

This jacket is more suitable for guys with age more than 30 years. This style of jacket has broad pockets on the front. The typical features of a bomber jacket are that its waist length, has knitted cuffs, and has front zip closure. These jackets make men look more muscular and are casual enough to be worn on any occasion.

The MA-1 is the first bomber jacket having orange lining, patches, and a knitted collar. The A2 bomber jacket is very iconic now as it is worn by US pilots. This style of jacket has two flap pockets in front and a shirt-like collar. The shoulders are padded and there is elastic in the waist and the cuffs. B15 bomber jacket, an aviator style jacket, is suitable for not so cold season. The striking features of this jacket are the pen pocket on the sleeves, slanted pocket on the front near the waist, and a wool collar. The Harrington style jacket is another famous version of bomber jackets. Baseball style bomber jackets have a round collar. Designers have come up with printed bomber jackets to enhance the aesthetic feature of the jacket. Bold coloured bomber jackets are also very trendy. In modern day, different fabrics like satin, suede, metallic and brocade are used for designing bomber jackets. Varsity jackets are back to fashion. It is a blend of two fabrics, mainly cotton and leather. Bomber jackets with contrasting sleeves are also in fashion. Leather bomber jacket has always been very popular for its durability and comfort level. The aesthetic appeal and masculine tone of leather bomber jacket has always been admired by the fashion lovers. High wrap around collars, ribbed cuffs and waist with shearling linings are the major features of leather bomber jacket. Some of these jackets are available in fur or shearling collars. Shearling lined military styled jacket, mostly in black and brown colour, is the most common style of this bomber jacket. Bomber jackets with buckled collar, polka dots, floral prints and stripes give a modern look to this vintage jacket.

Bomber jackets are very versatile. They go well with anything, from simple T-shirt to knitted jumpers. Bomber jackets also look good with shirt, formal trousers and tie. Jeans always complement bomber jackets. Bomber jackets are appropriate for wearing in any occasion. It is casual enough to be worn at a dinner party or a friend’s gathering and is also suitable for formal settings. The ease of wearing, style element and comfortable feature of bomber jacket is appreciated by people of all ages. Bomber jackets have been reinvented over the years, without hampering the original design. Bomber jacket is a smart inclusion in everyone’s wardrobe.