Irvin Flying Jacket

The flying jacket's top 5 models for this year- Style statement for seasoned aviators

Flying jackets are being used since the World War II era. They were made popular by the air force pilots during those days by their might and heroism. Typically made of leather with heavy woolen part at the collar and thick lining on the edges to protect the pilot from the severe cold at thirty thousand feet above the ground. They are symbol of pilots. Traditionally they are short similar to bomber jacket with lots of pocket and heavy linings as stated above. Now a days they are very popular among youth and the designers are modifying the traditional ones to suit the demands and the modern style icons. We are enlisting some of the major jackets of the market this year.

Irvin flying jackets

Irvin flying jacket is neither very short nor very long. They were made authentically for the RAF (Russian air force) for bearing the cold in that regions. They are generally made up of thick sheepskin and brown in color, may not be found in any other color. Once you see anyone else having one of those you are going to get attracted towards it. They have heavy padding on the color, strongly zipped and warmer than any other jackets, so what they are known for. Irvin flying jackets are mostly made in Great Britain and are exported to all cold countries in the winter for the youth and the pilots.

Bomber flying jackets

Bomber flying jackets are a bit shorter than the Irvin flying jacket but are not that heavy and thick. Traditionally they were simple and of leather which looked very good at the pilots. But in modern times this jackets comes in several colors and with heavy accessories. They have lots of pockets and zippers which makes them classy, and style statement when worn with denim or thresh. You may have a red, blue printed ties. Though these jackets serve greatly when the weather is cold and degrading you can always have it for style.

Shearling flying jackets

Shearling is a process in which sheepskin is tanned with uniform wool still on it. They are very soft and the cost depends upon the thickness of the inner skin. Thinner the skin softer the jackets and higher the price. They were traditionally black or brown in color but may be found in mixed colors now, with furs and feathers at the color and insulators at the edges. They look cool whether on formal pants or jeans. They are very liked by the young ladies or men as they provide both warmth and the style that they want.

Aviator flying jackets

Aviator flying jackets were made popular during the World War I and World War II by the air force pilots by their heroism. They were made up of tough leather and to protect from cold. They were black or brown. But now you can find several colors likes green, black, red or some others also. You can find the folded collars ones, and the big elephant’s ear like collars. You can find furs at the colors and soft leather inside.

Synthetic flying jackets

It would be disgusting for the vegetarians to wear the leather jackets. So keeping them in find the designers has come out with the synthetic material, faux, which is like the shearling jackets but non leather. Since the effort in them is less, they cost less than the traditional faux jackets and even are warmer than those. They look very stylish as they can provide several colors like pink, red and green. Thus you are going to get complete satisfaction buying them and are more durable also.