G-1 Flight Jacket

The top 5 of Aviators jackets- why they are preferred

The aviator jackets have witnessed drastic changes in styles and trends over the years. Aviator jackets are considered to be quite delicate because they have to be designed while making a lot of considerations. The most important factor to consider while buying an aviator jacket is that how warm it can keep a person at low temperatures. We are all aware of the fact that pilots have to fly at high altitudes where the temperatures are quite low and one has to have a thick leather jacket in order to stay warm. However, the aviator jackets in the modern day are being designed in a quite fashionable way while keeping in mind the recent trends. Following are the top 5 Aviator jackets which will simple mesmerize you and will blow you mind.

G1 Flight jackets

G1 Flight jacket is quite famous in the category of flying jackets. There are a couple of jackets which lie under the category of G1 flight jackets, including “USN Flight jacket G-1”, “Signature series USCG flight jacket”, ”Schott cowhide leather flying jacket”. These jackets comprise of a quite similar style due to which they are all known as G1 Flight jackets. These jackets are made of thick leather and are available mostly in black, brown and blue colors. The key quality of these jackets is that they feature a fur collar which is good at keeping one warm at all temperatures. There are two flap jackets at the front which comprise of a button closure. G1 Flying jacket is certainly one of the finest flying jackets which one could get.

Vintage cotton b15 jacket

This jacket is made from pure cotton and is a rare masterpiece. The jacket is made in skin color, with dark brown fun collars. There are two pockets at the front of the jacket and one at the side. This aviator jacket is perfect for those who like having thick cotton jackets.

Signature series flying fortress bomber jacket modern A-2

This unique jacket lies under the category of A2 flying jackets. This remarkable jacket features a shiny appearance and is made of thick high-quality leather in brown color. The best feature of this jacket is its unique collar which looks almost like the collar of a shirt. The jacket has two pockets at the front where an aviator can keep his accessories with ease. The jacket comes with a zip closure but the zip is covered with a panel at the front, giving a very neat look.

G2 Schott cowhide flight leather jacket

This dark brown jacket is made from cowhide leather and gives a very tough appearance with a little shine. The jacket comprises of two front cargo pockets. The intriguing part about this jacket is its fur collar which tends to keep one warm and looks quite cool as well. The jacket also features a zip at the front for closure which is covered by a panel.

A2 Vintage leather bomber jacket

This aviator jacket features a unique vintage style which is loved by many. The outer surface of the jacket features a rough look in brown color. The jacket contains a shirt-like collar. The jacket is not only stylish but also tends to keep one warm due to the thick leather used in the production of this jacket.