Flight Jackets For Men

Leather flight jackets- The perfect fashion statement for aviators, the new trends

It is not a secret that leather jackets are popular among all age groups, especially when it comes to men. For example, there are many teenagers who consider this clothing as their favorite fashion item this winter. If you have the same tastes, you should know that many manufacturers come up with a wide range of new designs, colors and shapes in terms of famous flight jackets for men.

If you want to look classic, elegant and feel warm this winter season, do not hesitate to choose this type of leather jacket. It is made from thick and quality materials to keep wearers warm. This style was originally created for pilots who had to spend a lot of time in freezing cockpits during the WWII. The first model includes tight cuffs, high collars and special wind flaps. These days, this outwear is a real style icon for many men. If you want to take advantage of its great features, make sure that you know everything about the latest fashion trends in this field, as this knowledge will help you make the best choice. There are different variations of classic bomber jackets, such as B-3, M-445, M-44 and others.

i. A-2 flight jackets for men. Their leather can resist low temperature levels with ease. They come with zipped pockets and double fastened front closures. Modern models are designed using the same military standard as the authentic ones. You like their full length metal zippers and brass elements. Some jackets are stitched with the American flag, thus offering a classic look. They are often produced from high quality goatskin and are available in standard black and brown colors, but modern brands offer more original shades, such as navy and green. They have the soft woven cuffs that will make your hands will warm and comfy. This clothing is made to fit against your body and you can be sure that woven nylon will protect you from cold. Many men appreciate it for its snug fit. Besides, there are different pockets where you can store your small items, such as cash and a phone. Bomber jackets have 2 big pockets on their front, and they are very easy to open due to special flaps. They can be used as hand warmers as well. Do not forget about convenient inside pockets that offer safe storage. Each leather jacket of this kind comes with matching waist and arm bands. High quality knit bands will keep out the unwanted cold. It is your perfect and stylish solution for this winter season.

ii. G-1 leather flight jackets for men. They are similar to the first model, but the main difference is that they were created for the Marine and Navy Corp. The best part is that they all lined with quality and warm fur, and this is what makes them ideal for the coldest winter. Even if you choose the models where fur is replaced by wool, you will still feel comfy and warm.

iii. MA-1 flight jackets for men. They are mostly available in classic sage green and black colors. When it comes to military versions they are made from Nomex. Many models come with a silk lining and 2 flap pockets on their front. You can store small items in inner pockets as well. This winter outfit is famous for its great protection and style. Many men choose them because of memories and glory. They are often made from seal skin and horsehide leather.