Bomber Jacket

The leather jackets which are an essential attribute for any good wardrobe: the top 5 choices

For years leather jacket has been a symbol of rebellion and individuality. This classic outfit has been popular for generations. Leather jackets are often associated with icons like Marlon Brando, The Ramones, and World War II fighter pilots. A good quality leather jacket is an essential piece in anyone’s wardrobe as it is classic, will never goes out of fashion, and is versatile to look good on anything you wear. Various kinds of leather jackets are available in the market. The top 5 must-have leather jackets are discussed below.

 • Biker jacket, made famous by actor Marlon Brando in the 50’s is very popular. Originally meant for the motorcyclists, this jacket is now a favourite piece of everyone. This jacket has buckle straps, button collar and zippered cuffs. Logos and patchworks on the sleeves give a tough and stylish image. Its main feature is its ruggedness which is very appealing.Biker jacket looks good with T-shirt, black jeans and boots.

 • Bomber jacket is another popular style of jacket. It has elastic and ribbed cuffs, collar and waist are properly fitted to the body. This jacket is very comfortable and stylish appropriate for everyday use. It is important for bomber jacket to fit your body well. For men with muscular body, jacket with elastic waist will look good.

Bomber jacket look good with denim shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of boots.

 • Another classic style of leather jacket that is worth mentioning is the aviator jacket. The aviator jacket made famous by Tom Cruise in his movie ‘Top Gun’ is still admired. This military style jacket has extra padding inside for keeping warm. Originally made for World War II pilots, this jacket never goes out of fashion. For its nostalgic history, this military style jacket is still very popular. This jacket looks cool with military boots, knit jumpers and jeans.

 • The hooded jacket, another trendy outfit, gained popularity when David Beckham was seen wearing it often. This style of jacket is appropriate for younger people, specifically those below 25 years of age. Baggy jeans and scoop neck T-shirt go well with hooded leather jackets.

 • Suede leather jacket is another trendy fashion nowadays. Suede, made up of the reverse side of lamb, goat or cowhide, is extremely soft. Bomber style, trench coat style and baseball style suede leather jackets are the prominent styles this season. Colour come out really well on suede, for which suede leather jackets are found in bold and fresh colours. Suede jackets are found in collarless style and notched lapel collar style. Some are double breasted, whereas others have a snap button closure. Suede jackets with fringes are very popular this season. Fringes can be found in shoulders, sleeves and back, or just on the chest in front or from the waist. Printed suede jacket and jackets with adornments on the cuffs like having buttons look very stylish. Embroidered suede jackets with studs are a definite eye catcher.

A person’s wardrobe is incomplete without a leather jacket. This versatile piece of garment is suitable for people of all age and gender. When you put on a good quality leather jacket, you will feel good. So you are not only investing on leather jacket, you are actually investing on yourself.