Bomber Jacket Men

The types of bomber jacket you should go for this season- the preferred TOP 5 for Europe

As we anticipate the beginning of another year, we look back into the fashion milestones that defined our likeness to the bomber jacket men used to wear during war times and how it stayed in the tradition of luxury and functionality in the name of style. In between new designs that come up every new season, there is the perennially classic bomber jacket with a great deal of magnetism. Truly, there is an entire world charmed with it and let us see how it goes in Europe. Here are the preferred top 5 designs.

Quilted bomber jacket

The quilted shapes on a bomber jacket add an interesting character to the classic version of the most active outerwear ever made for men. The ultra modern designs and colours of this season still holds the function and comfortable style this jacket is known for. It can either be the slim cut or the wide silhouette with an edgier design. Prominent colours in European fashion are the olive green and navy blue.

Vintage checkers and plaids

The tartan trend makes it an interesting roller to the already popular sport style design. Bomber jackets with plaid printed fabrics look classically vintage when worn with the warm shades of earth tones. Tartan pieces look great with red and black or the Highland inspired green and navy blue. The monochromatic blends of white and black checkers can never go wrong in any plain outfit. In fact, you can convey a subtle mystery when you go for this style whilst creating a striking statement.


Varsity jackets with leather or fabric panel either in front or side is a recurrent classic in bomber jacket designs. The contrasting sleeves with the magnificent colour combinations will be your perfect staple for all your diverse everyday functions. The rusty colour of ginger is a perfect blend to cobalt blue. Experimenting with all the dynamic shades is endless when complementing with your equally high-spirited lifestyle.

Padded flight jacket with faux fur trim

The strong definition of padded jackets with fur trims are greatly inspired by the aviator jacket you have always admired. When you’re all consumed with fashion, the best thing you will need for winter is a highly functional outerwear to keep you warm. Thick jackets with belts and fur linings make up the most appropriate wardrobe set against the snowy countryside. The most outstanding colours for this style as seen on the runways are white, black and gray.

New look

The concept of luxury that goes with any style of bomber jacket men favour over any outerwear is made more charming with the new look on suede. With the alternative choices we have on suede leather and micro suede, these are rendered on the latest styles of bomber with asymmetric cuts or disproportionately placed zipper hardware.

The vintage effect of suede leather is always a better match for camel, brown and beige coloured bomber jacket.Its form-fitting and stretchable new designs are a breakthrough in fashion. Shorter varieties make it more stylish for today’s trendy people to wear along with graphic tee shirts and denims.

Bomber jackets never seem to lose its charm and it’s still very relevant to the needs of different individuals across the world. Perhaps the diverse ideas combined in re-designing the classic make it a lot more interesting.