Black Bomber Jacket

The most popular leather jackets trends popular this season: The top 5

In this modern age of fast-paced lifestyle, updates and uploading, the intimidation of fast changing fashion and luxury is inevitable. Can we keep up with it? Good thing the previous seasons of fashion weeks showed otherwise. The new luxury are changing its course, giving emphasis on versatility and practicality by showing the real perfect rendition of what an everyday outfit should be. Just like the essentially functional black bomber jacket and sneakers for instance. These are not something like the ‘rub-it-off-on-your-faces fashion. And it’s something we actually need today. Here are the top 5 most popular leather jacket trends.


Incorporating re-invention and tradition, all eyes on the rugged and roomy outerwear leather bomber jackets with shearling. A black quilted bomber lined with faux shearling comes in various extents that can either be short, medium or knee-length. You can wear it with a pair of brown suede sneakers and a leather trimmed trapper hat with fur lining.


The plain crisp colour of white leather jacket is made more interesting with the details on the front pockets; fold piping and distinctive cropped hems. Warm up with several layers with different textures of knit, cotton and leather and wear it scarcely in all white. When all white is too much for you, break the monotonous appearance with the contrasting black chino pants, denim or jogger style bottoms.


A geometric pattern on patched leather is an ultra-modern genius strategy that shifts the shape and size of any jacket. It could be your rider or aviator inspired outerwear rendered in colourful mix of artistically abstract shapes and patterns. The dominance of black is present in almost all of the design of its kind. It can be mixed along with beige, salmon, grey and ivory group or the bolder red, yellow, white and lavender mixes. Add some asymmetric details with the zipper, cuts and silhouettes for a more edgy sense.


Suede adventure inspired leather jackets is a laidback design that can be practical and luxurious. The well-constructed detail on a western styled jacket is a real indulgence for those who love to voyage outside their comfort zones. For those who opt for aesthetic details, the festive coloured beads are a fresh new take on its traditional concept. Put on some attitude to an already high statement jacket with tribal printed fabrics for the cuffs, forearm or at the rear. These can be the interchanging patterns of Navajo designs and colourful stripes called chinle or it can be the repetitive patterns of chevron, diamond and stripes known as kentay.

Real world

The grandiosity of loosely large leather jackets or short boxy styles reflects what a normal jacket would likely do. The fit and structure of these pieces are undeniably true-to-life. It gives you no less than comfort, warmth and versatility in any time of day. These are wearable jackets for all seasons, as it seemed to blend perfectly with everyday outfits. The trendiest colours right now are moss green, navy blue, brown, black and mushroom.

The styling legends of today knows that we are in a generation where economical and functionality are far more important than making heads turn or getting the most number of likes. A person with real spending powers knows the value for money and would rather spend on a classic black bomber jacket, a pair of sneakers and a pair of denim jeans.