B3 Bomber Jacket

Vintage leather bomber jackets: What fits the bill the best-top 5 jackets

Vintage leather jackets are the ones which feature a unique look of 20th century jackets with an amalgamation of the latest styles. The bomber jackets, on the other hand, are jackets made of sheepskin which mostly gives a shiny appearance. Vintage leather bomber jackets are an amalgamation of both of these features and are considered being one of the most unique and stylish jackets which one could have. So what else can be more amazing than having some of the most admired features in one jacket? Well, this is the reason why people are mad about these vintage leather bomber jackets due to the number of features they bring along in just a single jacket. In this regard, let us get familiar the top 5 jackets of these kinds this season.

Leather Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket

This amazing jacket is considered to add an explosive and attractive element to your overall look. The jacket comes in brown color with a rough look at the surface. It comes with a detachable hood to keep you warm at all times. In fact, one will observe a completely new look after detaching the hood due to the high-neck styles which forms once the jacket is closed. The jacket comprises of a zip at the front for the closure. Two front pockets also come along with this jacket which also looks good with its overall theme. In addition to this, there are also two hand pockets to keep your hands warm.

Gucci Bomber jacket

Gucci is one of the brands which promise to provide one of the unique and most amazing jackets. In this regard, the Gucci bomber jacket this season comes with a vintage style look. The jacket is available in chocolate brown color and features large buttons at the front for the closure. There are four front pockets in it, two are zipped while the remaining close with a button. The jacket gives a quite attractive look and is surely a masterpiece for all the lover of bomber jackets out there.

A2 Bomber jackets

A number of vintage style bomber jackets lie under the category of A2 Bomber jackets. The most famous amongst these is the “Vintage leather bomber jacket Modern A2”. This is brown colored bomber jacket with a quite rough appearance. It has been designed according to the World War 2 design of jackets. It features a shirt-type collar, two large jackets at the front and a brass zip for the closure. It gives the perfect vintage look which one might be looking to have in a bomber jacket.

Black bomber leather jacket with fur collar

This is an elegantly designed leather jacket in black color which tends to take away one’s breath. The jacket comprises of a fur collar which looks perfectly amazing with the overall look of the jacket. The jacket is crafted with a unique texture which adds to its elegance.

B3 Bomber jacket

B3 Bomber jacket is surely one of the best vintage style leather jackets which one could have this season. There are a number of jackets which lie under the category of B3 bomber jacket. These jackets are available in brown and black and contain fur collars in a shirt-like collar style. Some of them also comprise of fur attached to the boundaries of these jackets. The most attractive quality of a B3 bomber jacket is its unique shade of color.