B-15 Flight Jacket

What's new in flight jackets this season: How the Aviator jackets changed

This season has brought along an amazing collection of flight jackets which aim to provide you more warmth and add appeal to your personality. Flight jackets are specifically designed for pilots. It is evident that pilots have to fly at high altitudes where the temperature is quite low. Hence, they require special form of jackets, known as flight jackets, which accompany them during their long journey. However, the aviator jackets this season have come along with an increasingly elegant style which tends to enrich your experience to a great extent. In fact, it would not be wrong to claim that the aviator jackets this season are one of the best which you might not have seen before. Let us have a glimpse at some of the features which have been added to flight jackets this season:

Nylon Shell for increased warmth

Some of the best jackets this season feature an additional nylon shell in order to increase the warmth that the jacket provides. This nylon shell prevents cold from entering the jacket and maintains heat within it. This is an amazing addition to the jackets which lets pilots bear cold temperatures at high altitudes with ease. For example, the B-15 flight jacket by Alpha industries features a thick nylon shell for this purpose. In addition to this, the nylon shell also adds a touch of beauty to the jacket and increases its appeal significantly.

Water repellence

Many of the latest jackets now come with water repellence. Yes, this means that now you do not need to worry about cold water splashing over you at low temperatures, as your jacket will now bear all the worries. The flight jackets are now designed in such a way that they prevent water from getting into the jacket by all means. So if you equip one of the latest aviator jackets in the market, you do not need to have a rain-coat at all; your flight jacket would be enough for everything.

Fur Collars

What can prevent cold from entering your body better than the thick, fur collars surrounding your neck? Well, the aviator jackets this season are increasingly focusing on providing you with fur collars which not only prevent cold, but they also add an appeal to your jacket. Infect, according to the recent trend it has been observed that people prefer fur collars since they are more comfortable. Brown and black collars in this regard are quite preferred

Tight waist bands

The aviator jackets this season feature tight waist bands; preferably in black, blue and brown color. These waist bands look amazing with these nylon jackets and add an extra bit of appeal to the jacket. In addition to this, pilots generally prefer waist bands since they prevent cold from entering their jackets and hence keep them warm. The B-15 flight jacket is an example of a jacket with waist bands which look quite appealing.

Casual Appearance

No matter how good the jacket is, most people prefer jackets with a casual appearance. People like jackets which they can wear in different situations with different clothes. This is the reason why flight jackets this season are designed with a very casual appearance. All you need to do is to wear your favorite flight jacket without worrying about the clothes underneath.