The Retro - Leather Fashion Comes Back

There’s nothing new under the sun. Many fashion pieces we see today were popular in the 70s or 80s. These items are called vintage or retro. Loosely defined, retro refers to a style or trend that is roughly fifteen or twenty years old. This renders it as a vintage item. The bowtie and the high waist pants fit the vintage theme. The rise in popularity of leather clothing since 2013 has made it clear, leather has made a comeback and the interest won’t be dying down soon.

Soul Revolver an online shopping store prides itself in offering male consumers retro and well-fitting jackets. “We specialize in retro and classic leather jacket styles taken from the 70s look,” the website says. Their jackets feature a style that is adopted and improved for today’s modern market., a similar website to Soul Revovler, offers a wider variety of leather garments, including, bags, shoes, wallets and satchels are amongst the product range. The cool thing about leather is that manufacturers can play around with it and find the perfect fit or garment suitable for their target market. Manufacturers play around with accessories (watches, bangles, belts) or day to day attires.

Economic situations we are living have required the consumer to squeeze the budget more and more. The great thing about leather is that you can never wear them out, the authentic ones anyways. It is sustainable. Known as fire resistant material, leather rarely cracks or peels. It is durable due to fact that it lasts longer than any other cloth fabric. It is great to have all year round as it breathes in hot or cold temperatures. Paballo Rampa states that it can be awful to wear in winter. “It makes you colder and in summer it makes you sweaty,” She says. The great thing about leather is its retention of the garment it’s made into. Rest assured you won’t be throwing it away in years to come.Majority of leather garments are produced in the Middle East, Europe, Canada, North and South America, using hides left over from the meat industry.

Today many fashion forward people exaggerate the leather retro look by combining them with current clothing. Nandipha Dlangamandla, says she loves the imitation leather. “I love the type of material especially soft leather becauseits comfortable,” she says. Linah Nkuna bought a few leather threads because of how it looked on someone she saw wearing. “I bought a few leather jackets because they are sassy. Leather is a good cherry on top item to have,” she says. Leather is fast becoming a favourite among consumers because it simply looks cool. Love it or hate it, leather has made its mark in the world and a lot more people are warming up to it.

Wearing leather isn’t as hard as it used to be. What most people don’t know is that leather moulds to its owners lifestyle, shaping into your body and way of use. However, if you find an outfit made entirely of leather overwhelming, you can mix and match it with anything in your wardrobe either denim or cotton fibres. Or you can just stick to the simple classic leather pieces, like jackets, hats or bags. It isluxurious, comfortable, and has a cooling feel on skin.